Julie Reinke

St. Louis, MO

August 2019

lIbrary geisha_edited_edited.jpg

Bonita Harmon's presentation about Japanese history focusing on geisha and kimono was well received by our participants.  They appreciated her knowledge about the topic and willingness to answer the many questions that came up.  Bonita is very accommodating in the planning process, and we look forward to working with her again

Anime St.Louis

 Jeremy Johnson
           Dynamic Midwest Events,       President
Anime St. Louis, Convention Chairman
April 12-14, 2013


Kimono-San was a great addition to our anime themed convention, Anime St. Louis.  Our attendees enjoy panels on Japanese culture, and Bonita Harmon's knowledge and display of kimonos brought joy to them.  She is a nice person who is incredibly great to work with.  Kimono-San is always ready to add more to an event, be it her ability to do tarot card readings  or anything related to Japanese history and culture.  We recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.

Private Tea Ceremony

M.A. Guth
St.Louis, MO 

August 31, 2012

tea ceremony3 800_edited.jpg

St. Louis' own kimono-san, also known as the Garden Geisha performed the ceremony for us.  This was a very special experience that we shared together; one that I shall remember always.   

William Woods University

Tamara Y. Carte

  Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs
    William Woods University
November 2010


I am truly happy Kimono-san accepted our invitation to come and do a presentation on the types and uses of kimonos for a cultural event being held at William Woods University.  The use of students to model the kimonos, along with the elaborate Japanese display, added to the excitement of the entire event.  The presentation was about 75 minutes, but students took away a lifetime of knowledge from what was shared.  The event was worth every cent, I know we will be        asking them back in the future. 

Berkeley Middle School 

 Charline Politte
  Berkeley Student
  March 26, 2008


Our guest was really nice and polite. I enjoyed hearing her tell us about Japan. It was really nice that she let people touch and try one her stuff. She actually modeled and wore real kimono. The kimono are vary pretty.I learned so many facts and things about Japan and Japanese things, Like how thay where platform shoes called geta. I really enjoyed meeting her and seeing all of her things.



  Michelle Lowe
    Cosmetic Area Sale Manager
 South County Macy's
   Fall 2007


Kimono-San performed at a cosmetic event for us. She was vary professional to work with. Her performance added something truly unique to our event.The customers definitely enjoyed her!