THE OWNER



  Our historian and cultural specialist Ms. Bonita M. Harmon has dedicated nearly twenty years of her life to her studies of Japanese culture.  She learned to speak Japanese at the early age of five; this lead her to a lifelong passion for Japanese culture.   She Bagan her studies with Kimono, resulting in an over 200 piece private collection of Japanese apparel. 
      She later branched out into general Japanese history with an emphasis on geisha.

     Ms. Harmon’s studies have taken her to some of Japans most famous geisha districts, including Mukojima and Asakusa in Tokyo and Gion, in Kyoto.
     In 2006, to better share her passion for Japanese culture with others, she founded Kimono-San of St. Louis,  to provide quality entertainment & educational experiences to a wide variety of people. 
    She is a passionate educator, With experience in university lecture halls, elementary classrooms and performing at other public and private events. 

                    THE COMPANY

Kimono-San of St.Louis is dedicated to fostering a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of Japanese culture through quality entertainment and educational experiences to the city of St.Louis and surrounding communities. 

     We provide quality educational & entertainment services based on traditional Japanese culture. We can do short seminars for dressing in kimono or tea ceremony. We provide live demonstrations and symposiums on Japanese history or we can work with you to creates a presentation especially catered to your needs which will provide you and your guests with a memorable experience at your next event. 


Kimono-San of St.Louis believes that our business should be based on the principle of respect.

 *Respect for the Japanese arts and culture we present and portray.
 *Respect for the people we work with.
 *Respect for our customers