Kimono-san of St.Louis's entertains perform in kimono at parties with games, dance,  and tarot readings. They are also able to provide educational programs, lectures and presentations on various aspects of Japanese traditions and culture.   



What do you do?

 Our rates vary depending on the nature of your event and the number of attendees.

What are your prices/rates?

Yes, we would love to perform at your event. We are able to travel anywhere in the world. Pleases note that this will incur transportation and hotel fees.

My event is not in your area, can you travel?

Yes,  we can.
 We also offer kimono dressing services for weddings, movies and photo shoots.

Can you show me how to wear a kimono?

We are entertainers and educators . You’re just as likely to fine us in a university lecture hall or elementary classroom as you are a Japanese restaurant. We have dedicate years to our studies of Japanese culture.

Who are you?

NO, absolutely not. 
We specialize in family friendly entertainment and education.


Are you strippers/prostitutes? 

Kimono-san of St.Louis is not hiring at this time. Please check our social media for volunteer opportunities.

Can I join your organization?

Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya

Where can I get a real kimono?

Can you put me in touch with the local Japanese American Association?